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Universitäre Lehrförderung (ULF)

ATAI Speakeasy

Innovative project idea

Interaction is at the core of computer science (CS) and artificial intelligence (AI). We aim to develop a platform and materials to teach such concepts using conversational agents. This will enable students to explore, experiment with, and test concepts interactively, allow instructors to illustrate the desired functionality and theory, and provide an infrastructure to run assignments/exams. The project is based on a prototype developed for the Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence (ATAI) lecture, first taught in HS21. We see the platform useful for many fields within and outside of CS.

Benefits for students and teaching at UZH

Since the platform will provide an interactive experience, students will get an intuitive introduction to a variety of AI-related topics, gain hands-on/active experience, and be able develop novel concepts, while building their conversational agents. Instructors will be able to continuously gauge the student’s level of understanding by exploring the students’ conversational agent’s performance, react to misunderstandings in class, tutorials, and online, providing an improved/interactive teaching experience. The platform will reach a larger audience by freely publishing all relevant materials.

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Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems


Dr. Cristina Sarasua 

Dr. Luca Rossetto

Dr. Oana Inel


Professor Abraham Bernstein, Ph.D.