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UZH Teaching Fund (ULF)


Logo focus innovation: liegendes Ausrufezeichen vor schwarzem Hintergrund

There is no call for proposals in the focus_innovation funding line. If you have a teaching-related project idea that is relevant to the entire university and/or does not fit into any of the other funding lines according to the objectives and funding criteria, please contact us at

Funding Line Concept

The aim of the focus_innovation funding line is to promote innovations in teaching along thematic focus areas and to secure university-wide relevant innovations.
Eligible for application is the Vice President of Education and Student Affairs. The Executive Board of the University approves the funding.

Current Focus

The bilateral discussions between the Vice President of Education and Student Affairs and all faculties in the context of the Strategy and Development Discussions 2022 have identified two central, overlapping challenges for teaching at UZH in a post-pandemic time:

  1. the social and academic socialization of first-year students, especially in large study programs during the introductory phase, and
  2. the implementation of secure, competence-oriented and digital assessments both during and at the end of the semester.

An immediate impact of the broad availability of AI on teaching is not only evident in the production of text-based assessments, but also in areas such as programming and data analysis. The constructive use of AI, which encompasses these and other fields of application, thus represents a central challenge that affects the entire university and is therefore a focus topic of this funding line.

Prof. Sascha Schneider  and Tanja Habermeyer  and Prof. Ulf Zölitz are conducting accompanying research for focus_innovation projects.