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UZH Teaching Fund (ULF)


Your projects, your future

Discover a world beyond your regular studies! With this funding line, ULF offers you financial support for realizing your project ideas: Act as a UZH ambassador at research competitions, at conferences, as part of national and international student challenges, at start-up events and in UZH's international networks. Present your course content and research findings and contribute to increasing the national and international visibility of UZH as a research- and teaching-intensive university!


Advanced Bachelor’s and Master’s students who are enrolled in a mono or major study program at UZH are eligible to apply.

Should you plan group activities, e.g. teams wishing to take part in a research competition, each participant must submit a separate application. Please indicate on the application whether you are part of a team and who the other applicants in your team are.

Student organizations planning to organize a student convention on a topic relevant to their specific field are exempt from this regulation.

Application period

Applications can be submitted at any time but must be submitted at least 12 weeks before the start of the activity. Depending on the amount of funding requested, approval will be issued within 2-4 weeks.

Personal contribution

Students are required to provide a personal contribution as part of the proposed project, for example a poster or oral presentation at a convention, participation in a research competition, participation in an activity within Una Europa, participation in a student challenge in the context of Universitas 21 or a pitch at a start-up event.


In general, funded activities may not be awarded ECTS credits. Should the proposed project be creditable towards a study program, it must be explained why the personal contribution to the project significantly exceeds the workload required to obtain the ECTS credits.

NOT eligible for funding is the acquisition of commercial datasets for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses. The same applies to laboratory material or other material that is required for final theses AND does not serve to equip the applicant for participation in a national or international research competition.

Letter of recommendation

Students applying for funding require a letter of recommendation from a member of the UZH teaching staff. If you are planning a project related to entrepreneurship or start-ups, please contact the UZH Innovation Office
This is to ensure the quality of your proposed activity. In case you receive ECTS for a project, we require confirmation that the project you are planning significantly exceeds the level of commitment normally required in the study program.
Please use the template provided for the letter of recommendation (see below).


The funding framework for travel and accommodation expenses is based on the lump sums specified by the Graduate Campus. The maximum duration for which an application can be submitted is 60 days.

Travel grants

  • Traveling in Switzerland: CHF 100
  • Direct European surroundings: CHF 500
  • Other countries: CHF 1,000

Accommodation costs

Costs for accommodation can be covered for a hotel in the medium price range including breakfast; costs for lunch and dinner can also be reimbursed provided these meals are not included as part of the event attended. Expenses exceeding CHF 170 per full day cannot be covered.

Please note that you can only be reimbursed for costs for which you have documentation (invoices, booking confirmation, confirmation of attendance). Only the expenses actually incurred will be refunded.

If you are planning projects in Zurich, please specify the costs for which you are applying for reimbursement. The same applies if you require laboratory materials or similar for participation in research competitions. Especially for larger projects (requested funding amount over CHF 4,000), we encourage applicants to consider additional funding options.

Please note that we can only process payments to Swiss bank accounts and to EU countries. Transfers to accounts outside the EU are not possible and exclude funding.

Please do not direct any funding requests to members of the Executive Board of the University. The resources for this funding line already originate from a strategic program of the Executive Board of the University.


Students who receive funding for their projects must submit a short final report within two weeks of completing their project. This report may take on any form - the most creative contribution per calendar year will be awarded a small prize. Once the report has been submitted, the costs will be reimbursed. If you are dependent on an earlier payment for the implementation of your project, please indicate this under “Remarks” in the application form.

In accepting the funding, students consent to their contact details being passed on to the Communications Office for the purpose of reporting on successful, funded projects in the UZH media.


The application form can be found here:
Application form student_projects 2024 (DOCX, 78 KB)
The template for the letter of recommendation can be found here:
Template for the letter of recommendation (DOCX, 84 KB)