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UZH Teaching Fund (ULF)

As of this year, ULF supports students in realizing their own projects that go beyond the regular curriculum. Further information can be found under engage_now.


The UZH Teaching Fund is an internal UZH funding instrument designed to support anyone involved in teaching at UZH in the realization of innovative teaching projects. The “Future of Teaching at UZH” initiative launched by the Vice President of Education and Student Affairs serves as a guideline, as does the goal of achieving a wide implementation of the UZH Curriculum.

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Future of Teaching at UZH

UZH offers students an excellent environment full of opportunities and a level of diversity that is unprecedented in Switzerland. Teaching at UZH meets the changing demands of a society in flux – creatively, innovatively and on a wide variety of levels. We have launched the Future of Teaching initiative in order to more vigorously and strategically coordinate and promote these developments. 

UZH Curriculum

Established by the Office of the Vice President Education and Student Affairs, the UZH Curriculum is a set of university-wide quality standards for attractive academic programs. The faculties can use the six criteria to evaluate, rework or completely redevelop their study programs, modules and courses.