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Call for Proposals

The call for proposals is currently open. The submission deadline is 1 July 2024.

Detailed information about the call for proposals can be found here:
Call open_innovation 2024 (PDF, 121 KB)

Further information can additionally be found on the slides that were shown at the information events.
Slides open_innovation information events 2024 (PDF, 16 MB)

Proposals for the funding line open_innovation can be submitted and edited via our webtool.

Applications are approved at the second meeting of the Commission for Education and Student Affairs in the Fall Semester, which usually takes place in October. Projects can begin no earlier than January of the following year.

Study program directors

Proposals in the open_innovation funding line can be entered by anyone with a UZH account but must be approved by the study program director.
The respective study program director of your department can be found here:

Special note concerning proposals from the Faculty of Arts

Are you an instructor at the Faculty of Arts with innovative teaching ideas distinguished by a focus on digital technologies? If this is the case, we would ask you to contact Lukas Loeffel ( from the Digitale Lehre und Forschung team (DLF) or the ULF open_innovation support team at
In order for the project to receive appropriate funding this coordination is necessary before submission of the proposal.

Funding Line Concept

The funding line open_innovation aims to enable experimental innovation at the module and course level. Everyone with an UZH account is eligible to apply. As of 2026, the application period opens once a year in winter (January - 15 March), and successful projects are funded with a maximum of CHF 50,000 over two years. Applicants require the support of their study program directors. The earliest possible starting date for funding will be August 1st.

The main criteria for the approval of open_innovation projects are:

  • an innovative didactic idea,
  • the potential transferability of the concept to other courses or study programs (model character),
  • the sustainability (i.e. the longevity) of the course, and
  • student involvement in the project.

Not all of the above criteria need to be met for a project to be approved.

If the time frame for an open_innovation project is too long for you, we offer the new micro_innovation funding line from January 2024. In this funding line, you can apply for up to CHF 4,000 via a short form (approx. 1 A4 page), which will then be approved within 14 days. The key criterion is that you can implement an innovation in your teaching quickly and unbureaucratically with this small amount.

Should you wish a personal consultation regarding your project idea, we look forward to receiving an e-mail from you at