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Literature in Digital Mediation: The Robinson-Library Project

Innovative project idea

This innovative teaching project introduces students to the digital mediation of literature. Literary texts are increasingly accessed as electronic texts, searchable scans and in digital libraries, changing our perception of literature. Moreover, digital media increase the circulation of texts among a wider readership, ensuring that literary studies remain at the heart of public life. Students will help transpose a unique Swiss material archive, the Robinson-Library, into digital space by creating multi-media content for a website available to scholars and the general public.

Benefits for students and teaching at UZH

Students will acquire a broad set of transferable skills. Building on the competences gained in the literature seminars of our core curriculum, they will learn how to work with archival material, become familiar with digital technologies, develop a deeper understanding of digital literacy and engage in outreach activities. Advanced students will have the opportunity to undertake independent research and publish their findings. This set of skills will make students attractive for future employment in museums, archives, public relations, journalism and the cultural sector.

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Chair for Early Modern Studies

Antragsteller*in/ Projektleiter*in

Anne-Claire Michoux, Dr.