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UZH Teaching Fund (ULF)

A synergy of web-based, digital and traditional approaches to communicate concepts on evolution

Innovative Projektidee

The project was inspired by students from different backgrounds expressing a desire to better understand evolution through the analysis of domestication of animals. New technology available at UZH already offers advanced, non-invasive scanning of skeletal materials, and in order for Bachelor students from various backgrounds to profit from the tool, this course aims to create a web-based tool which combines various aspects of teaching and experience. The platform serves as a database for exercises as well as images (i.e. 3D reconstructions of anatomical stuctures) and will be freely available for students. The module created in the course of the project aims to combine three different modes of experience: The web-based teaching tool, computer tomogra-phy scans and new osteological materials of local domesticated animals which will be available to both examine visually and touch.


Mehrwert für die Studierenden und die Lehre

Interested students have the opportunity to gain a holistic understanding of the subject at an early stage (Bachelor level) by experiencing how different disciplines and approaches are interconnect-ed. The course is specifically interdisciplinary and integrates student feedback in its final version. Students are exposed to technologies relevant in evolutionary and biomedical research, and are able to work with both physical examination and non-invasive 3D visualizations of local animal breeds.

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Faculty: MNF

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Marcelo R. Sanchez

Project duration:: 01.01.2019-31.12.2019