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UZH Teaching Fund (ULF)

Operable Platforms for Experimenting with Cryptocurrency

Innovative project idea

Cryptocurrencies, as the most widespread application of blockchain-based systems, are designed to serve - primarily - as a payment system in which the transaction verification takes place in a decentralized fashion. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are words nobody can avoid these days but are complex and confusing for beginners to start with. Experimenting in practical implementation is the most effective way to understand and grasp these new technologies. However, present teaching, lecturers can merely theoretically explain the underlying concepts due to the lack of practical teaching materials.

Benefits for students and teaching at UZH

Blockchain is an emerging complex computer technology. Through our platform, students can participate in an environment exactly equal to real-world popular cryptocurrencies to execute various practical operations, including trading, mining blocks, exchanging assets, creating smart contracts, creating assets, etc. These are all beneficial for students to understand and to apply these new technologies. Students profit from sophisticated lectures and have the same user experience as in the real implementations, but do not need to transfer actual funds.

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Institute/Professorial Chair

Network Science

Project Lead

Prof. Dr. Claudio Tessone

Project Duration

01.01.2020 - 30.06.2021